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Torrisholme Cemetery

Torrisholme Cemetery opened in 1906 and is one of seven cemeteries operated by Lancaster City Council.

The total area of the cemetery is 14½ acres, containing areas for Church of England, Non-Conformist and Roman Catholic burials. 

The chapel is non-denominational and is available to all religions, sects and beliefs. 

The cemetery also features the Neptune Baby and Young Child Memorial Garden.

Opening times

The cemetery is open 24 hours, every day of the year. Please note that the main gates are locked in the evening, meaning there is no access for vehicles. Visitors on foot can still enter through the side gate.


Torrisholme Cemetery

Facts about Torrisholme Cemetery

The first burial took place in May 1906 on plot D.   An area was established to commemorate the 1939 - 1945 World War II casualties by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. 20 Casualties from the 1914 – 1918 World War 1 are buried in separate locations within the cemetery.

On plot K, there are 30 burials in graves purchased in 1951 by the Trustees of the Cinematograph Trade Benevolent Fund. 

In 1991 the Garden of Remembrance ashes section was created and in 1996 the Woodland Burial area was established.

Improvements are still ongoing and from 2007 a wildflower meadow, designated baby area and increased flower plantings are proposed. 

There is a Friends Group for this cemetery. Anyone interested in joining the group should contact the Cemeteries Officer for further details.

Overview and Layout of the Cemetery

By clicking the image  below you are able to view an overview PDF map of Torrisholme Cemetery.

Torrisholme Cemetery Layout Map

Biodiversity in Torrisholme Cemetery

As part of our commitment to increasing biodiversity the following specialist areas require specific management techniques as outlined in our Grounds Maintenance Plan of Specialist Areas.

Wildflower Meadow

The cemeteries team is committed to protecting and enhancing biodiversity within its cemeteries wherever possible. By changing traditional grass cutting arrangements and practices that consider nature as well as user needs, we will create a richer, more attractive open space and natural environment for people to enjoy.

This area of field has been transformed from a heavily mown, grassed area into a meadowland that will help to conserve some rare wildflowers, as well as attracting birds, insects and butterflies and reducing energy costs from reduced mowing.

Creation of this area has involved assistance from Landlife, a charity taking action for a better environment and based at the National Wildflower Centre, Liverpool and the Friends of Torrisholme Cemetery.

Image of a Cornflower

The field was sown in April 2007 with a mix of annuals and perennials. The annuals were a cornfield mix consisting of cornflower, corn poppy, corn marigold and corn chamomile. The perennial mix consists of red campion, wild carrot, meadow buttercup, ox-eye daisy and lesser knapweed.

Woodland Section

This area was created in 1996. Recent introductions include:

The English Daffodil -  1200 native English daffodils gifted by the Friends Group. The daffodil is a symbol of rebirth - a sign of the new beginnings that come with Spring.

Conservation Hedge Mix - The perimeter of the compound has been planted with a conservation hedge mix consisting of 50% Quickthorn, and 10% each of Cherry Plum, Crab Apple, Field Maple, Common Hazel and Dog Rose. This mix will provide early pollen for bees, spring and summer flowers, autumn fruits and harbourage for a range of birds, mammals and insects.

Torrisholme Cemtery - Woodland Section

Bird Boxes and Hedgehog Hotels - The Friends Group have organised the construction of different types of bird boxes to be used as winter roosts and nesting. “Hedgehog Hotels” have been provided using pre-built structures as well as using piles of brushwood and leaf litter.

Also old logs have been stockpiled to rot away and provide a haven for beetles, insects and fungi.

Help us to record the wildlife present in Torrisholme Cemetery

We encourage visitors to use any of the following survey forms to record the wildlife you have seen on your visits to Torrisholme Cemetery.

Survey Forms:

Application for Green Flag Award

Torrisholme Cemetery carries out approximately 100 burials per year and is regularly visited by relatives and the general public.

A plan has been produced to improve and develop the cemetery and implement the recommendations of the Cemeteries Task Group over the next 5 years. A copy of the current version plan can be downloaded from the links on the right hand side of this page.

The plan gives consideration to the future management and development of Torrisholme Cemetery to achieve the Green Flag Award criteria which are:

  •  A welcoming site - How to create a sense that people are positively welcomed to the cemetery.
  • Healthy, safe and secure - How best to ensure that the cemetery is a safe and healthy environment for all users. 
  • Well maintained and clean - What people can expect in terms of cleanliness, facilities and maintenance. 
  • Sustainability - How the cemetery can be managed in environmentally sensitive ways.
  • Conservation and heritage - The value of conservation and care of historical heritage. 
  • Community involvement -  Ways of encouraging community participation.
  • Marketing - Methods of promoting the cemetery and its environment. 
  • Management - How to reflect all of the above in a coherent management plan and ensure it is implemented.

Green Flag AwardWe successfully applied for our first Green Flag Award in 2008 and have been successful ever since. We will apply for this annual award each year in recognition of the high standards being achieved.

Click on the following link If you wish to see what the judges feedback was:-  Judges Feedback

If you wish to find out more visit the Green Flag Awards website.





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