Quad bikes to tackle weeds

A hit squad of city council workers is taking to the streets to tackle the perennial issue of weeds.

Quad bike hits the streets to tackle weeds

Quad bike hits the streets to tackle weeds

On Monday (April 3) the first set of workers headed out for the first weed control spray of the year.

Between now and the end of July they will be spraying highways and byways across the district to reduce weeds on roads and paths.

This year, for the first time, Lancaster City Council is using specially adapted quad bikes to do the job quicker and more effectively. 

The vehicles are armed with four sets of sprayers - two at the front, two at the back – to ensure an even coverage.

Previously weeds were sprayed using a hand operated wand and backpack system, but the computerised system used by the quad bikes ensures a more controlled release of the weed control chemicals.

While spraying is expected to reduce and control the worst of the weed growth, it will not eliminate the problem entirely.

The concentration of herbicide that can legally be used is relatively weak to ensure it does not harm wildlife, pets or anyone coming into contact with the chemical, but is only effective on weeds that are visibly growing. 

To this end, the council is encouraging communities to take pride in their own areas and keep on top of those spots where weed spraying may not be effective.

Last updated: 07 April 2017