Scrutinising the decision makers

Is there an issue affecting you and your community that you would like the Overview and Scrutiny Committee at Lancaster City Council to look into? 

Scrutiny is important to local democracy and exists to hold decision-makers to account and ensure that issues of concern to local residents and visitors are addressed. 

It could be a problem in a local area, a council service, or an issue which you feel the council, using its community leadership role, should take a lead in improving. 

The committee can look into the issues and then make recommendations for improvement to the decision-makers.

If the issue is one for another agency, such as Lancashire County Council for issues related to roads and pavements, the committee will also pass this on and ask them to get back to you. 

Councillor Tricia Heath, Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, said: "We want to make sure that the committee is looking at the issues that residents are most concerned about.

“To do that we need people to let us know what topics they would like us to examine and we are very keen to hear from people right across the district.

“Anyone who has a topic that they want raised should take advantage of this opportunity so we can include it in our work programme for the year ahead.”

If you think there is a particular issue that should be scrutinised email

For more information on the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee, including agendas and minutes, visit

Last updated: 16 July 2020