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Latest news and events (at a glance - refer to calendar above for detailed information):

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Woodland Trail
If you go down to the woods today - remember to take our NEW Woodland Walk leaflet.
It is available from the gift shop or to download from our web page (see above - right hand side column)

The Pavilion Café in Williamson Park, Lancaster is excited to launch a new series of exhibitions by local artists. 
Lee Metcalfe( 20 June - 6 September) and
Mark Pickup (1 March 2015 - 29 March 2015).
The Ashton Memorial Art Gallery is hosting the following exhibitions:

Chris Dale - 31 July - 31 August
Andy Easthope Photography - 1 September - 29 September
Lee Metcalfe - 16 November - 28 December
Chas Jacobs - 6 and 7 December

The Friends Garden update 
The Friends of Williamson Park applied to Lancaster Green Spaces to plant 1500 new plants in the Friends Garden. Read more on this story 

The Dukes present Hansel and Gretel and more tales from the forest
From 4 July - 16 August.
Visit their web site for more information

Art in the Park Summer art workshops
With artist and illustrator Janet Mary Robinson
Wednesday 20 August 10.30am - 4.30pm - Watercolour/ink painting. Practise different techniques for mixing and applying paint.
£40 per workshop. Limited spaces, booking essential. Please call Janet Robinson on  07786 868783 or email her jmr@jmr.org.uk

Macbeth - outdoor theatre 24 August 7.30pm
A brave military hero... A noble and devoted subject... A popular leader respected by fellow Thanes and trusted by the King himself. Macbeth's outstanding qualities and achievements ensure that he has a bright future ahead of him. Three mad witches he meets after a battle confirm no less. Or, rather, two of them do. The third prophesies rather more than a rise in his fortunes: she states that he will become King himself. One brief, crazy suggestion sows a seed of ambition, causes the unravelling of a great man, and incites a chain of treachery, murder and destruction.
In their 23rd year Illyria is STILL the only outdoor touring theatre company to have clocked up no less than 4 international awards. Renowned all over the world for their clarity, quality and ingenuity, Illyria once again take on the greatest of Shakespeare's tragedies. The production is performed on a stage closely replicating those of 17th-century touring troupes. Expect a gripping story and the dazzling swordplay for which Illyria has an unmatched reputation.
Call: 01524 33318 for more information
Buy tickets online

Robin Hood - adapted by Oliver Gray - outdoor theatre 25 August 7.30pm
On the day of his marriage to Marian Fitzwater, Robert Fitzooth, Earl of Huntingdon, is betrayed by his closest friend the Sheriff of Nottingham and arrested for disrupting the peace. But he evades capture and hides out in Sherwood Forest with a band of outlaws under the assumed name of Robin Hood. Here he devotes his life to ruining the treacherous Sheriff, to seizing back the wealth of greedy church landowners and restoring it to the people, and to challenging power-mad Prince John's right to the throne of England.Illyria's production is adapted from the earliest Robin Hood ballads pre-dating Chaucer - which makes it as authentic as Robin Hood legends come! The play is written in fast-moving, easy-to-follow verse, and introduces all the well-loved characters such as Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and King Richard. It is a collection of tales featuring camaraderie, swashbuckling action, and riotous comedy. First performed in 2007, it remains one of Illyria's most popular ever titles. You'll definitely laugh, you'll probably cry - and if you're not cheering at the archery competition involving the entire audience then you must be dead.
Call: 01524 33318 for more information
Buy tickets online

GEORGE'S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE by Roald Dahl, adapted by David Wood- outdoor theatre 26 August 7.30pm
It's the first day of half-term, Grandma has written to say she is coming to stay, and George is going to have to give up his bedroom for her. It wouldn't be so bad if Grandma were a nice Grandma. But George's Grandma is horrible. "George do this!" "George do that!" "George is it time for my medicine?" What's the point of taking medicine, George wonders, when it's clearly not doing her any good, and it certainly isn't making her any nicer? So George decides to concoct his own medicine which he gives to Grandma on a spoon - with hilarious results! Following their enormous successes with JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH and FANTASTIC MR FOX, and a record-breaking sellout season of THE TWITS, Illyria returns with yet another Roald Dahl classic full of (literally) larger-than-life characters, plenty to join in with, and just a twist of malicious fun! It's guaranteed to send you through the roof!
Please call 01524 33318 for more details
Buy tickets online

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Art in the Park
Learn to capture the beauty of the natural workd with artist and illustrator Janet Mary Robinson. This course aims to teach the skills of observational drawing and painting and to introduce a variety of artistic media and techniques. Classes are held in and around the park. Suitable for anyone with a love of nature, from beginners to experienced artists. Courses take place on Wednesdays starting 10 September from 10.30am - 12.30pm and are £11 per session or £50 for 6 weeks. To book, please contact Janet on 07786 868783 or email her

Junior Zoo Keeper Course The Junior Zoo Keeper course offers a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how Williamson Park’s mini zoo and butterfly house run. Children will experience feeding the animals and how to safely handle them. They will learn some fantastic facts about the animals as well as having great fun with the team from the park. There are two three week courses starting in September on Saturdays and Sundays aimed at children aged eight to 14 years. The courses start at 10am and last for an hour and cost £21 for the full three week course. To book a place please telephone Williamson Park on 01524 33318.

Meet the keeper - free session at weekends and school holidays
Any visitor to the park can meet one of our zoo keepers at 11am every weekend and during school holidays. This popular session allows visitors to find out more about the animals cared for in the park and what a keeper gets up to during their day. There is no need to book for this free session, just come along to the gift shop before 11am.

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