Telecommunications mast register and rollout plans

Telecommunications register

The telecommunications register consists of a record of all known licence notifications, prior approval and planning application decisions for telecommunication development.

Annual rollout plans

Every autumn, commercial mobile telephone operators provide us with information to show their plans for the mobile network development in the area for the coming year. This in effect provides information on each operators existing and planned base station network in the area.

The information is provided in order that the planning authority and elected Members are aware of the proposed development and can be involved in discussions regarding the siting and design of equipment with operators prior to the submission of planning applications.

Please be aware that the grid reference given in the table in the spreadsheet is the centre point of the area of search and is not necessarily the precise site which would be the subject of a planning application. The mobile operators are not bound to bring forward proposals for these areas of search during the coming year and nor does the identification of these sites prevent other sites being identified. The submission of this information does not in any way prejudice the consideration of any planning application that may be required.

For further details regarding each search area, the relevant operator should be contacted directly and their details are provided below.

EE (Everything Everywhere)


MBNL (Mobile Broadband Network Ltd)

  • EE and Three EE Limited (T-Mobile & ex Orange) and Three, through their joint venture company, Mobile Broadband Network Ltd have consolidated their 3G networks.
  • Mark Shaw || Health & Safety & Community Affairs Manager ||

CTIL (Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd)

  • On behalf of Telefonica UK Limited and Vodafone Limited
  • Brian Truman || National Planning Manager ||

Last updated: 27 April 2016