Morecambe THI 2 - A View For Eric

The Morecambe Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI 2) – ‘A View for Eric’ is a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) programme to help improve the Victorian and art deco buildings in the heart of the town and some of the streets and spaces surrounding them.

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Project overview

The second Morecambe Townscape Heritage Initiative - 'A View for Eric' (THI2) launched in May 2012. 'A View for Eric' is a programme to help improve the Victorian and art deco buildings in the heart of the town and some of the streets and spaces surrounding them.

Funding of £1.248 million has been made available towards this project from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Lancaster City Council.

The focus of THI2 is to create a view in front of the Eric Morecambe statue that complements the stunning views of the bay which serve as his backdrop, and also complements other regeneration initiatives to further revitalise the town as a place to live, work and play, such as through the Morecambe Area Action Plan.

Building improvement grants are available to targeted properties within the western end of the Morecambe Conservation Area to help contribute to the appropriate restoration of historic properties. These grants are accompanied by a wide range of training opportunities involving everyone from schools, colleges, property owners, local builders and craftsmen to architects. This will include heritage education and skills workshops so that people better understand and have the skills to look after historic buildings, as well as sustainable business and retail training to help ensure a healthy town centre.

The public realm (streetscape) element of the THI2 was delivered through the wider Connecting Victoria Street project.

THI2 continues the success of the first Morecambe THI, which saw the restoration of key listed buildings such as the Midland Hotel and Mona House, along with almost 70 residential and commercial properties throughout Poulton.

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