Cottage Museum

Cottage Museum, Lancaster

Cottage Museum, Lancaster

The Cottage Museum, facing Lancaster Castle and just a short walk from the Judges Lodgings, is part of a 1739 house, subdivided in about 1820 and furnished as an artisan's house of that date.

The museum provides an intimate glimpse of early Victorian life in a tiny and intriguing 18th century cottage spread over 5 floors. You may even get to meet the Victorian housekeeper!

School visits

There are many activities on offer for schools at the Cottage Museum, Castle and Judges Lodgings:

Pupils can glimpse the humble every day life of a retired servant in their own home, and through roleplay and object handling, gain an insight into the life of both a domestic servant and the servant's master.

Or have your pupils taught the strict Victorian standards of discipline by our Victorian school teacher. Pupils will be able to hear a traditional Victorian prayer, recite their times table, practise handwriting and discuss the ‘moral for the day'.

Package your pupils' experience with a number of activities available for both Key Stages 1 and 2, giving them the opportunity to explore and discover what life would have been like for children their age during the Victorian era.

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Last updated: 08 September 2017