Council tax reductions

Information about council tax discounts, eligibility criteria, disregarded persons, and reductions and premiums for empty properties.

Reductions for disabled persons

If you, or someone who lives with you, need a room, an extra bathroom or kitchen, or extra space in your home for wheelchair use, to meet special needs arising from a disability, you may be entitled to a reduction in your council tax bill.

The bill may be reduced to reflect that of a property in the band immediately below the band shown on the valuation list. These reductions ensure that disabled people do not pay more tax on account of space needed because of a disability.

From 1st April 2000 properties in Band A can now qualify for this reduction and will receive a reduction of 1/6th of the standard charge.

Please contact us if you would like more details, or if you are receiving this reduction and the circumstances under which it was granted have changed.

Last updated: 22 June 2021