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Imported foods

Heysham Port Health Authority

Heysham Port Health Authority

The way we import food and feed are about to change with further implemention dates to be announced later this year. These changes may mean you will need to provide product/carriage information to IPAFFS (the UK version of Traces/NT - see below) before arrival at Heysham. UK government requirements to check products entering England only apply to products imported through Heysham that originate from the Republic of Ireland or outside the United Kingdom (for further information on products being manufactured in Northern Ireland (NI) with ingredients from outside NI please see The Windsor Framework).

The Government have recently provided new import materials 

From 31st January 2024 a minimum 24 hours pre-notification on IPAFFS is required before arrival at Heysham (EC 2016/2013) with the addition of a Health Certificate.

From 31 January 2024

Pre-notification - (there will be no stops placed on consignments / physical / sampling checks undertaken at Heysham)

Register for IPAFFS online on GOV UK if you haven’t already done so. The person or business completing the CHED Part 1 import notification must have a UK address to register for IPAFFS. 

For Products of Animal Origin (POAO) guidance can be found here and High Risk Food and Feed Not Of Animal Origin (HRFNOAO) guidance can be found here. There will be new requirements for pre-notification on IPAFFS, No goods are required to be accompanied by a GB Export Health Certificate, Catch Certificate, laboratory analysis results etc. (if applicable depending on product imported) and will undergo remote documentary checks. 


  • Products of animal origin whether ambient, chilled or frozen, including fish and composite products (excluding hanging carcases and live animals)
  • High risk food not of animal origin, chilled, ambient and frozen including composite products. We will NOT be designated for high risk feed not of animal origin
  • Plasticware from China
  • Organic products within the designation
  • Plants and plant products

We will be provided with a line list of products coming through the port from DEFRA, these will be checked by port staff to establish if information provided is within the correct fields and is sufficient in nature leading us to provide advice and education to hauliers, importers and exporters, hopefully this will aid in smooth transits when we do start undertaking regulatory checks. No physical stops or checks will occur at this point. Heysham PHA will undertake intelligence checks on Roll On, Roll Off (RORO) traffic periodically as part of our food safety function however traffic will not be stopped at port as a result of intelligence gathering checks.

End of Autumn - Government should indicate when the following checks will be introduced on West Coast ports:

  • Documentary Checks
  • Seal Checks
  • Identification Checks
  • Physical Chesks
  • Sampling
  • Transit checks (Products using the UL as a land-bridge)

Additional information is provided below:

The Target Border Operating Model (August 2023) Read our Border Target Operating Model information leaflets for businesses 

Click here to watch the webinar recording for Importing HRFNAO via the EU to GB: the new CHED Part 1 notification 

Practice making CHED import notifications in the IPAFFS training version  Please click here to practice. You will need to create a new log in for the training environment.  You will need to use an email address that you can access, to receive your confirmation code before you can log in. 

Check import risk categories and related rules for animals and animal products imported from non-EU countries to Great Britain, from 30 April 2024

Model health certificates for exports of live animals and animal products to Great Britain

Import groupage or mixed load consignments of animal products into Great Britain from 2024

Last updated: 31 January 2024

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