Wheelchair accessible vehicles

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Wheelchair accessible taxis and private hire vehicles

Lancaster City Council is responsible for licensing taxis and private hire vehicles which operate within the borough. We ensure that a proportion of these vehicles are constructed and equipped to carry passengers in wheelchairs.

This page contains details for licensed taxis, private hire vehicles and private hire operators who are able to provide licensed wheelchair accessible vehicles for pre booked journeys. 

We will update this list periodically with any revisions.

Please note that inclusion on this list does not imply any recommendation or endorsement by the council, nor can individuals and companies included be compelled to accept every booking offered to them.

What is the difference between taxis (hackney carriages) and private hire vehicles?

Licensed hackney carriages (HC) can wait on ranks, be flagged down in the street if not already hired or be pre-booked. All hackney carriages are fitted with a meter which calculates the fare for the journey. Hackney carriages have a roof sign.

  • Drivers cannot charge extra for carrying a passenger in a wheelchair.

Licensed private hire vehicles (PHV) must be pre-booked through a licensed operator. Fares for private hire vehicles can be agreed when the journey is booked.

All vehicles licensed by Lancaster City Council have a licence plate on the rear of the vehicle with an expiry date, HC or PHV number and the Lancaster City Council logo. Private hire vehicles also have a front plate stating the PHV number.

  • All licensed vehicles have door signs on the front driver and passenger doors
  • Hackney Carriages have blue door signs. Private hire vehicles have yellow door signs
  • Hackney Carriages have a top sign that is illuminated when they are available for hire
  • Drivers will wear an official ID badge issued by this authority and a copy of the rules and regulations must be carried in all licensed vehicles
  • Vehicles are inspected and tested by the council vehicle maintenance unit

Drivers are re-licensed every three years and checks are made of their driving entitlement, criminal convictions, and medical suitability. A medical is provided to state the driver meets group 2 DVLA standards by a qualified medical practitioner. 

Wheelchair accessible taxis

The following proprietors of the licensed wheelchair accessible hackney carriages (ordered by licence number) have given permission to include their contact details below to arrange a pre-booked journey.

Wheelchair accessible taxis
Licence number Proprietor Vehicle registration and model Telephone
HV314 Shaun Wilson MK66 RXG – Ford Tourneo 07930 746569
HV333 Denise Livesey SH58 WJX – Peugeot Partner 07884 172 889 or 01524 848848
HV334 Calvert Davies SF11 MYB – Peugeot Partner 01524 848848
HV338 Mark Shannon BL14 GMZ – Volkswagen Caddy 01524 848848
HV387 Dean Hines DH02 CAB – Renault Trafic 07761 433 465 or 01524 424424
HV391 Warren Drake PO13 BAA – Renault Trafic 07538 463 656
HV392 Wayne Taylor DU65 MRV – Vauxhall Vivaro 01524 848848
HV393 Jackie Dixon SF10 HPK – Peugeot Partner Tepee 01524 424424
HV394 Andrew Smith DN15 ZWF – Vauxhall Vivaro 07397 141 517
HV395 Vincenzo Melici SD58 PFU – Peugeot Partner Combi 07827 633 464
HV900 Zeeshan Akmal SF67 HRJ – Ford Maxi Cab 01524 32090
HV901 David Cannon SF10 HDL – Peugeot Partner Tepee 07539 837 847 or 01524 848848
HV902 Simon Ball SG60 CKX – Volkswagen Caddy 01524 848848
HV903 Matthew Hodgson YK12 VZA – Volkswagen Caddy 01524 424424
HV905 Gary Hillman NK12 EKH - Volkswagen Caddy 01524 848848

Wheelchair accessible Private Hire Vehicles (must be pre-booked)

Wheelchair accessible Private Hire Vehicles
Licence number Proprietor Vehicle registration and model Telephone
PV534 Jamie Diamond AXZ 1630 – Volkswagen Caddy 01524 32090
PV567 Stephen  James YN61 CYU - Volkswagen Caddy 07443 399 457
PV602 Kelvin Ellershaw WA09 KXO - Peugeot Boxer 01524 32090

Private Hire Operators

The following licensed private hire operators (listed in alphabetical order) have wheelchair accessible vehicles in their fleet available for pre-booked journeys only.

Wheelchair accessible Private Hire operators
Private hire operator Address Telephone
32090 Church Street Lancaster 01524 32090
848848 Peddar Street Morecambe 01524 848848
Coastal Taxis Queen Street Morecambe 01524 424424
Stephen James Lancaster 07443 399 457

Customer feedback

We are aware that some members of the public have been frustrated when trying to book a suitable wheelchair accessible taxi. As the licensing authority for hackney carriages and private hire vehicles, we work closely with the trade and wish to help minimise inequality, and help ensure the best possible service is provided to all.  However, we also recognise that taxi operators and drivers are independent businesses and therefore are not controlled by the council.

We would welcome your feedback if you wish to share your experiences, good or bad, when using local taxi services.

If you would like to contact us, you can do so by contacting the licensing department by the means below:

  • Email: licensing@lancaster.gov.uk
  • In writing: Licensing Department, Morecambe Town Hall, Marine Road East, Morecambe, LA4 5AF
  • Telephone: 01524 582033

Last updated: 25 July 2019