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New engagement programme to assist in climate decision-making

Lancaster City Council is hosting district-wide conversations on tackling and addressing the climate emergency following the successful bid to join the UK’s Local Climate Engagement Programme (LCE).

We are making great strides towards this aim and through projects such as the decarbonisation of Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, the purchase of electric vehicles including bin trucks, and improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, we aim to be net carbon zero by 2030.  More details on what are doing can be found on the council website here

However, the city council’s emissions are only a small part of the bigger picture. One of the major contributing factors of climate change is how we travel around. We all need to be able to access the things that are necessary to lead a good life but how do we do this at the same time as reducing the emission of harmful gases? Although roads and transport fall under the responsibility of Lancashire County Council, here at Lancaster City Council we want to lead the conversation and help to find solutions.

That’s why, during May and June 2023, we carried out online conversations using the Polis tool to answer the question “How can we as residents of Lancaster district access the resources we need to lead a good life by moving around freely and at the same time reducing emissions?”  

Next Steps - Deliberative Workshop

During September 2023, we will run a number of workshops. Together, these sessions will provide the opportunity for the council and members of the community to discuss and debate the issues raised during the engagement exercises.

Along with our other engagement work, the results will be presented to elected councillors and Lancashire County Council to help make informed decisions in the future. We’ll also post all the results on our website in the early autumn.

If you have any questions, please contact us at



  • Polis engagement

Polis is a real-time system for gathering, analysing and understanding what large groups of people think in their own words.  More details on this can be viewed in the FAQ.

  • Community Explorers

Community Explorers are a way of involving members of the public about an issue by encouraging them to share ideas and opinions. They are helped by experienced facilitators who make sure everyone has a fair say and that the task is achieved. Recruitment and training for the Explorers was organised by Shared Future and includes jury people members.  During May and June 2023, you may have come across the Community Explorers, asking for your views on the question: “how can residents of Lancaster district access the resources they need to lead a good life by moving around freely and at the same time reducing emissions”. 

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