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Former Mayors of the Borough of Morecambe and Heysham

The former borough of Morecambe and Heysham's first mayor took office in 1902. There were mayors of the borough up until the council was dissolved, following a re-organisation of local government, in 1974. The former borough now forms part of the area administered by Lancaster City Council.

Former Mayors of the Borough of Morecambe and Heysham
1902-03 Ephraim Barnsbee
1903-06 John Robert Birkett
1906-07 Samuel Wright
1907-08 John Brown
1908-09 Ephraim Barnsbee
1909-11 John Robert Birkett
1911-12 Joseph Snowden
1912-13 James Lang
1913-14 Alcimus Coulthurst
1914-17 John Birkett
1917-19 William Wright
1919-23 John Robert Birkett
1923-24 Robert Blackburn Siddle
1924-25 Richard Hall
1925-27 Arthur William Gorton
1927-28 William Henry Gardner
1928-29 Edwin Banks
1929-30 John William Carleton
1930-31 John Stancliffe Cordingley
1931-32  Francis Charles Fahy
1932-33 William Gardner
1933-34 James Cottam Wilson
1934-35 Thomas Waite
1935-36 Walter Townsley
1936-37  Michael Benson
1937-38 Charles  Howes
1938-39 Robert William Williams
1939-40 Fred Clayton
1940-41 Arnold Ernest Hewit
1941-42 Bernard Drake
1942-43 James Robinson
1943-44 John Thomas Stansfield
1944-45 George Albert Bravin
1945-46 Mildred Jean Platton
1946-47 Herbert Willacy MBE
1947-48 Norman Lambert Nevison
1949-50 Harold Rupert V Addenbrooke
1950-51 William Curwen
1951-52 Edgar Bell
1952-53 Norman Philip Edmondson JP
1953-54 Edmund Park JP
1954-55 Ernest Bryce Clegg
1955-56 Robert Allen
1956-57 William Harold Brooksbank
1957-58  Sarah Lilian Birkett JP
1958-59 Raymond Courtney Penhale
1959-60 George Brown
1960-61 Harold Mattock Robinson
1961-62 Ernest Kershaw
1962-63 Charles Lonsdale
1963-64 Thomas Francis Higginson
1964-65 John Frederick McHale
1965-66 Richard Airey
1966-67 Benjamin Armstead
1967-68 Colin Mayor
1968-69 William Henry Burgess
1969-70 Neville Blake Pym
1970-71 James Kay
1971-72 Thomas Standidge
1972-73 Thomas Percy Tiplady
1973-74 Nellie Bolton

Last updated: 06 November 2017

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