Civic and ceremonial

The council’s vision for the mayoralty and civic events is that:

  • The mayor is the first citizen of the district and within the council first among equals.
  • The mayor is a non-political symbol of the local authority, a symbol of open society and equality and an expression of social cohesion.
  • The mayoralty should be recognised by the council as a focal point for the community at times of celebration, commemoration and sadness.
  • The mayoralty and civic events should be outward looking, inclusive and should be aimed at putting the council at the heart of the community.
  • The mayoralty and civic elements of the council provide continuity for the district in linking past, present and future.
  • Civic events and in particular the mayoralty should be focused at uniting and developing our community, its spirit and its identity.
  • The mayoralty and civic events should support the community strategy, corporate plan and in particular provide focus and motivation for the council’s contribution to citizenship and the respect agenda.