Renew your garden waste subscription

Renew your garden waste subscription for 2018/19

Please enter the two codes from your renewal email or letter into the relevant boxes below, then click on 'Find subscription'.

You can then renew your subscription and (if you want to) change the number of bins subscribed and the name associated with the subscription.

If you have subscriptions at more than one address, you must renew them one at a time.

What if I can't renew?

Check that you have correctly entered your codes - your 12-digit property code in the first box, and your 3 or 4-digit subscription key in the second box.

If your codes don't work, or you don't have them, you can instead take out a new subscription here for 2018/19 (you will not miss any collections if you subscribe by the end of February).

Last updated: 13 February 2018