Council tax reductions

Exempt properties

Council tax is not charged on occupied homes which:

only students live in

only people under 18 live in

only people who are severely mentally ill live in (if they would otherwise be responsible for the council tax payments)

a liable person resides there as a diplomat

are 'granny flats' forming part of a single property, where a dependant relative of the taxpayer lives

Council tax is not charged on empty homes which:

a charity owns (exempt for up to six months)

are empty because the person who lived there is in prison, hospital or a home

are empty because the person who lived there has gone to live with someone else to receive care or has moved to care for someone else

are empty while the trustee is waiting for probate or letters of administration to be granted

have been repossessed

a student owns and was the last person to live in it

a bankrupt person’s trustee is responsible for

are empty because nobody can live in them by law

a minister of religion is waiting to move into

Please contact us if you think your property should be exempt from council tax, or if you are receiving this reduction and the circumstances under which it was granted have changed.

Last updated: 28 February 2019