Community Housing Fund

Lancaster City Council has been allocated £707,630 of the £60 million funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Community Housing Fund. The funding has been awarded to build capacity within local groups, raise awareness of community-led housing and identify local communities that would benefit from community-led housing initiatives.

Community-led housing

Community-led housing aims to solve local housing problems, create affordable homes and establish and encourage strong communities. These solutions can be the development of new build properties, the re-use of existing buildings and bringing empty homes back into use.

There are five models of community-led housing:

  • Co-housing
  • Community land trusts (CLT)
  • Cooperative housing
  • Self and custom build
  • Self-help housing

In each model the onus is on the community to take the lead in the design and development of the scheme. In terms of the community’s stake in the long-term role in the ownership, stewardship or management of homes, this would be dependent on the housing model they adopt.

Grant fund

Allocation of the community housing fund will be in line with the grant fund policy.

It is not an open grant fund which any one can apply for. Grant funding is available to:

  • Community organisations
  • Registered providers
  • Other development partners

Grants can be used to support community-led, non-profit making organisations with ambitions to deliver affordable housing in their communities. This includes community land trusts, groups interested in self-build or custom build and community groups interested in delivering affordable housing.

We will not allocate funding to schemes that do not meet these basic principles as derived from the building and social housing foundation (BSHF) details of which are outlined in the grant fund policy.

Further information

Housing models

Funding and alternative grants

Last updated: 05 April 2018