Health and safety inspections

We carry out regular interventions in commercial premises to ensure their compliance with health and safety legislation.

We risk assess premises and allocate them one of three risk categories. We carry out a specific intervention for each of these categories: 

Inspection risk categories


Intervention Type

High Inspection
Medium Other intervention (hazard specific, eg gas safety in catering premises, working at height in warehouses)
Low Self assessment questionnaire

Many of our activities are based on the current Health and Safety Executive Strategic Programmes and may be hazard or premises specific, as above.

For inspections and Intervention activities, we assess compliance with the legislation through examination of documentation (risk assessments, work instructions, training records) and visual observations.

We use self assessment questionnaires for premises that are low risk. The questionnaires are designed to allow the business to measure their own compliance with the requirements of the legislation.

We will, in all cases, take action where businesses are failing to comply with the legislation.

The appropriate action will be taken in accordance with our enforcement policy and will range from verbal advice to prosecution. The action taken will be proportionate, targeted, consistent and transparent.

Further information

Last updated: 10 March 2016