Designations and constraints

Tree preservation orders

A tree preservation order can be placed on a single tree, a group of trees or a woodland. Such an order (with limited exceptions) precludes any person from undertaking works to a tree without our express consent. There are currently over 530 tree preservation orders in place across the district. 

Separately to tree preservation orders, trees over a certain size in conservation areas are protected. You need permission to carry out any works to such trees and you must give us six weeks’ notice of any work that you intend to carry out. It is a criminal offence to cut, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or fell any tree in a conservation area without permission. The maximum penalty is a £20,000 fine in the magistrates court, or an unlimited fine in the crown court.

For information and advise on the status of a tree or proposed works, please email You must include the exact location of the tree along with details of any works you propose.

Last updated: 21 June 2018